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> On Friday, April 19, 2002, at 06:52  pm, Erika Meyer wrote:
> > an earlier, related post:
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> > hope that helps someone with something.
> Yes, it clarifies that that hardware belongs to evolt.org, not to Dan

I didn't jump in at the time of this message (Tue, 19 Feb 2002) because
others seemed to be carrying the 'ball', and I didn't follow-up with
my thoughts (me bad), so here goes.

I thought that after djc posted this, someone would bring up the issue
of reimbursing him for his expenditures. That didn't happen. Here's my
recap of what Dan's provided, and what evolt.org should reimburse him,
if we want all the hardware under the evolt.org's ownership. Of course
it's djc's responsibility to place a value on each item. I know how
much he doesn't like talking about $$, but I feel this really should
happen. I'll commit the first $100 to the pot if others feel this
should go forward. Comments?


Two relay servers:
   2 - 3Com cards

  1 - 128Mb RAM,
  1 - SCSI card,
  1 - ethernet card
  1 - 18GB scsi drive

  1 - 3com card
  1 - AGP card

  1 - 512Mb RAM
  1 - 3com card

  entire system except RAID controller
   (see link above for full specs)

  1- 3com 10/100 24 port switch

(hey, djc. do you grow 3Com cards in your garden?)

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