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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Sat Apr 20 20:42:12 CDT 2002

Hugh Blair theforum at lists.evolt.org
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I didn't jump in at the time of this message (Tue, 19 Feb 2002) because
others seemed to be carrying the 'ball', and I didn't follow-up with
my thoughts (me bad), so here goes.

I thought that after djc posted this, someone would bring up the issue
of reimbursing him for his expenditures. That didn't happen. Here's my
recap of what Dan's provided, and what evolt.org should reimburse him,
if we want all the hardware under the evolt.org's ownership. Of course
it's djc's responsibility to place a value on each item. I know how
much he doesn't like talking about $$, but I feel this really should
happen. I'll commit the first $100 to the pot if others feel this
should go forward. Comments?



An excellent point Hugh, and I definitely agree.  Dan *should* be reimbursed
in a fair and equitable manner, as soon as possible.

Is anyone looking after the financial aspects for evolt?  I know Marlene was
elected the Treasurer for NFP purposes (or whatever the correct terminology
is), but since the NFP is *stalled* (I think that's correct?) .. is Marlene
going to maintain Treasurer duties?

I'd like to donate to the "pot" as suggested by Hugh too .. same amount.
But I'd like this particular donation to go directly to paying Dan for this
equipment expenditure that he has undertaken so graciously on evolt.org's

I would also like to contribute a regular monthly amount (stipend), via
paypal, that I would like to be used by the organization on what is most
urgent, be that paying for bandwidth, additional promo items so we can
generate more funds, or whatever.  IOW, no one needs to contact me
personally and say, that $20/month is going to the beer fund for the hard
workers, is that ok?  ;)  [Just a joke!]

Is Marlene looking after this information?  Can she?  Can someone else if
she's not able/willing too?  Is this the sort of accountability we need in
order to move forward?

I know there's talk of a finance/accounting group within Dan's Monkey Plan
that Martin presented the other day... is this a good idea?  Does someone
with expertise in this area need to volunteer to look after this sort of
stuff?  Whether that be Marlene or someone else?



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