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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Apr 21 13:43:13 CDT 2002

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, at 12:15  am, Hugh Blair wrote:

>>> an earlier, related post:
>>> http://lists.evolt.org/theforumarchive/Week-of-
>>> Mon-20020218/003176.html
>>> hope that helps someone with something.
>> Yes, it clarifies that that hardware belongs to evolt.org, not to Dan
> [snip]
> I didn't jump in at the time of this message (Tue, 19 Feb 2002) because
> others seemed to be carrying the 'ball', and I didn't follow-up with
> my thoughts (me bad), so here goes.
> I thought that after djc posted this, someone would bring up the issue
> of reimbursing him for his expenditures. That didn't happen. Here's my
> recap of what Dan's provided, and what evolt.org should reimburse him,
> if we want all the hardware under the evolt.org's ownership.

I would think that evolt.org should reimburse proper expenses
incurred on its behalf. A normal expenses policy would be
something along the lines of:

1. Non-predictable items (eg expenses incurred in replacing a
    failed piece of hardware - scope needs more definition, though)
    are paid for in the first instance by the individual involved, and
    reimbursed on production of a proper receipt (I assume there's
    a standard for this in the US - here it's a VAT receipt) plus a
    declaration that it is an expense, not a donation. On payment
    of the expense, the ownership transfers to evolt.org

2. Predictable items (eg "We should upgrade beo by adding
      an extra 256Mb RAM") should be agreed to by an appropriate
     evolt.org group (eg
     but certainly involving the treasurer) and bought by evolt.org.

3. All purchases *must* demonstrably further the aims and
    objectives of evolt.org more effectively than any alternative

It's a *slight* bit trickier with previous items as

1) Some of the stuff on that inventory were donations from other
    evolters (and companies)

2) Some of them were built (in part at least) from dumpster

3) It's not clear from the remaining items which were intended
     as donations to evolt.org (iow Dan is as free as the rest of us
     to donate stuff)

4)  A number of the items on the inventory are clearly predictable
     ones, and I'm not sure it's fair to demand that evolt.org assume
     liability now for items which evolt.org didn't agree to the
     of its funds at the time. This is true even though evolt.org benefits
     from the items, and I'm fairly sure each time a purchase was
     evolt.org said "Great, thanks" - the difference was that it wasn't on
    the basis of "We could use more memory and it'll cost $x"

I'm fairly sure all these are resolvable btw.

(I've put all the above on the wiki at
feel free to amend)

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