Hope for Patience Was: (Re: [Theforum] What do you want to do ? Faster, evolt, kill kill!)

dave mclean dave at members.evolt.org
Sun Apr 21 18:24:22 CDT 2002

>> I believe Dan has done, and will continue to do, what is best for
>> evolt.org.  I believe this in spite of all the things that have been
> said.
> +1
> very nicely stated
> let's hope his patience is in good supply this week

Or what?  He'll throw a hissy fit, head to the woods to go fishing and on
his way out turn the boxes off because he's tired of people trying to figure
out why he does what he does?  No...  He won't do that, but you state it
like we should fear the reprisals of Dan because we're talking about how
things are (or are not) working.

You're right, Dan will act in the best interests of evolt.org, but evolt.org
will remain a _dictatorship_ if we have to hope his patience is always in
good supply.

What does this mean?  If one day Dan decides that evolt.org should shut
down, he can turn off the boxes.  End of story, no admin, no theforum,
nothing.  He has it in his power.  Does that make any of you comfortable? Or
would you hope that he would offer the responsibilities to someone else?

Think about it.

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