Hope for Patience Was: (Re: [Theforum] What do you want to do ?Faster, evolt, kill kill!)

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Apr 21 20:00:32 CDT 2002

On Monday, April 22, 2002, at 01:31  am, rudy wrote:

>>> let's hope his patience is in good supply this week
>> Or what?  ...  you state it like we should fear the reprisals of
>> Dan because we're talking about how things are (or are not) working.
> all i meant was that it is highly suspicious that all the knives come
> out
> when he's not around
> there were some bitter attacks on dan this week
> he's not going to be quite so ready to accept the timing as
> "coincidence"

True, however remember
a) That it was sparked off by the events involved in him going away
b) I think (hope) we're now off attacks and onto being constructive

Here's hoping he's reading (Hi Dan!) in reverse order...

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