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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Mon Apr 22 10:42:48 CDT 2002

Hi Amanda,

Sorry if this has already been covered - I haven't finished reading the thread yet - got backed up with [yeauch] work to do.  <shrug>

Anyway ... there may be another alternative:

If we can define a 'role and responsibilities' set ... e.g. something like ...

- Title: generic in-bound email answerer
- Responsibility: answer information request emails that come in to 'evolt'
- Training: must have read and agreed to abide by the 'rules of answering email for evolt' documentation
- Scope: three month tour of duty
- Access: (1) will have ability to read email addressed to 'evolt'.  (2) will have ability to write email addressed from 'evolt'.

Then we can lessen (not eliminate - but lessen) role and/or task-related confusion and frustration.

Sooooooo ... my suggestion is that we come up with some of these things.  They won't cover every task or role that comes up - and they shouldn't try to.  If we can work an 80/20 here we will have done well.


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From: A. Erickson [mailto:amanda at gawow.com]

> I don't think access should be more widely distributed.

I should clarify...there's different skillsets and mindsets of people
who have taken very active roles in our little organization. However,
there are some who have been granted top-level privileges and some who
have not. I think there is a goodly number of people among those who
have not that need access and top-level privileges. I want leadership
and I want it to be fair. I think we have leadership in one corner and
actual power in the other. It's ineffectual and disappointing.

I want stronger and better leadership for our group. I want that
leadership defined. That's it. A solid leadership must be in place made
up of a group of people who are dispersed globally and across a range of
skill and mindsets for us to go forward with a degree of success.

I think that there is much that can be salvaged out of current set-up. I
like all of the lists that we have going. I think the community features
are great. I like the amount of participation that is happening all over
the place. However, I think we're foundering without solid leadership.

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