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Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Mon Apr 22 14:37:23 CDT 2002

Javier wrote:
>so what i'm thinking about is to set up a kind of interview with him for
>next wednesday (when he returns from the south) so i could get him
>to explain some of the things that have all of us concerned, and
>then i post it here...
>1) what do you think, would this be any help?

I don't know.

As for me me, I want to see if evolt can function as an org (without
Dan).  If something "belongs to evolt.org" -- what does that mean?
Is evolt.org an independent entity?

My position is that evolt.org is something imaginary, without
substance.  It cannot legally "own" anything.  I hope to be wrong
about this. If so, someone please explain and provide supporting

That's my primary concern (it appears a few other people share this concern).

>2) send in questions or topics to talk about (keep them to the point)

see above.


Adrian wrote:
>dan's departure really wasn't the reason this started...


>if i can be so bold to speak on why this all happened now, it's
>because there's been a lot of friction for some time between a
>number of people...


>IOW, i still believe this isn't dan bashing, this is something else
>completely that he may take personally mostly because he's the
>guy with the access

I didn't speak out to be spiteful--

My general intent was to bash everyone here (including, but not
limited to, Dan) for confusing the ideal with the real.  For
pretending evolt is wearing fine flowing robes when in fact it is

Not that it hasn't got a great body... it does.  That's not the issue.

>(i don't think this is necessary... again, it's not *us* against *dan*...
>it's us talking about evolt.org,

absolutely right.


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