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Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Apr 22 15:40:56 CDT 2002

Go girl!

I think that I have been trying to point out the same thing.  The Evolt
product is still a great thing.  But.. it seems to me that the production
line machinery is screwing up.  Good thing there is still product in the
warehouse to ship because there isn't anything coming off the line right
now.  If the 'leadership' can't get it together, something better, from
somewhere else is going to take it's place.  I think that would be a sad
thing.  The bickering, the power plays, the denial of things being broken
isn't going to resolve the problem.

Second, I don't know Dan.  I don't have anything bad to say about him.
Never talked to him before and I can clearly see that there are problems.  I
don't think people are 'Dan' bashing.  I think the individuals who are
saying that are trying to divert attention away from the real problems.
Screw the 'who's at fault' talk, concentrate on resolving the problems.
God, I don't have any stake in Evolt as for as power sharing or
responsibilities and it's irritating me.  Please try to focus on the
resolution of the problems and not who is at fault for them.  That's only
going to create more problems and more digression.

I personally am starting to think that this forum needs an impartial
moderator, who is will to squelch those who cross the line between
constructive contribution and deconstruction digression.

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From: Erika Meyer
Subject: [Theforum] Re: questions?

I didn't speak out to be spiteful--

My general intent was to bash everyone here (including, but not
limited to, Dan) for confusing the ideal with the real.  For
pretending evolt is wearing fine flowing robes when in fact it is

Not that it hasn't got a great body... it does.  That's not the issue.

>(i don't think this is necessary... again, it's not *us* against *dan*...
>it's us talking about evolt.org,

absolutely right.


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