[Theforum] RE: leadership

Marlene Bruce marlene at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 22 20:15:52 CDT 2002

>I think that there is much that can be salvaged out of current set-up. I
>like all of the lists that we have going. I think the community features
>are great. I like the amount of participation that is happening all over
>the place. However, I think we're foundering without solid leadership.
>If we truly want a flat structure where all can participate and none are
>excluded from anything then lets turn the site into a WIKI and just have
>one list. We had a discussion a long time ago about barriers and I think
>many salient points were made back then. I think leadership + community
>+ barriers can all coexist peacefully and make the organization thrive.
>But the leadership has to come first.


I stand up, cheer, and applaud you soundly!

You say in a later email:

>The pilot has shut the crew out.

That's a pretty good analogy.

>Until that situation can be rectified, I don't see the point in
>discussing what we want to do for the good of the community. I think
>access needs to be more widely distributed and a better crew
>established. The leadership needs to change.


I'm sure Dan will make some kind of statement once he gets a chance.

I'd like to re-assert something: Dan is not evolt and he is not our
leader. He in effect may have the keys to the servers, but that
doesn't make him the leader. Leadership is something we infer. If our
inferred leader isn't doing what we want, we can talk our ball and go
play elsewhere. Many of us have practice doing that, but many of us
also would rather see this effort move on.

As Ira Glass once said of George Bush, "You're not the president of me."


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