[Theforum] questions?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Tue Apr 23 08:04:39 CDT 2002

javier velasco wrote:

> rudy wrote:
> >all i meant was that it is highly suspicious that all the knives come out
> >when he's not around
> >
> i agree with rudy, altough it's also true that the subject was fired by some
> issues
> related to him coming down here, it's really sad the way they were triggered
> by
> his departure.
> so what i'm thinking about is to set up a kind of interview with him for
> next wednesday
> (when he returns from the south) so i could get him to explain some of the
> things that
> have all of us concerned, and then i post it here...
> 1) what do you think, would this be any help?

I think it could clear up some questions and concerns.  I would like to see it

> 2) send in questions or topics to talk about (keep them to the point)

Will have to think on this a bit, javi.  As you said short on time, so the
topics need to cover the main issues and concerns expressed to date.

Ron D.

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