[Theforum] new sig?

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Tue Apr 23 10:41:55 CDT 2002

Marlene Bruce wrote:

> Adrian wrote:
> "i have every intention of helping evolt.org turn into something
> that doesn't *need* me..."
> Can we turn that into the evolt.org mantra?

Hear hear marlene!

I think that what's most important is that we have it on our minds,
this a point i'm very interested in. I want evolt.org to survive
all of us. When we got the survey results one of the member suggestion's
that shocked me was (and i know i said it before) "take it to the
level of stability it needs to survive long term"

I'd realy love it if such member could stand out here, and explain us
what he had in mind as to what could help us achieve a greater level
of stability, it should be our temporary goal.


history flashback: when i read marlene's "all i can say is" note, it
reminded me of the time we elected marlene as our second president,
after rebecca's 3 month period was over.

isn't it easier organizing small stuff?

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