[Theforum] questions?

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Tue Apr 23 11:20:26 CDT 2002

aardvark wrote:

> > From: Ron Dorman <rwd at csi1st.net>
> [...]
> > > so what i'm thinking about is to set up a kind of interview with him
> > > for next wednesday (when he returns from the south) so i could get
> > > him to explain some of the things that have all of us concerned, and
> > > then i post it here...
> > >
> > > 1) what do you think, would this be any help?
> >
> > I think it could clear up some questions and concerns.  I would like
> > to see it happen.
> [...]
> i'd like to reiterate that this type of approach can be divisive and
> only furthers the perception of dan vs. others...
> it can also take us back a few steps...
> dan will have plenty of opportunity to discuss *all* of this, and i
> know he will... he doesn't need to justify anything else, because i
> think we're past that now...
> like i said, let's learn from the past, but not relive it...

I agree if we really are past it, and truly hope it to be the case.  If not,
something like this may help get us past it.

Ron D.

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