[Theforum] Summary of the entire discussion

Peter-Paul Koch gassinaumasis at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 23 17:02:12 CDT 2002

> > So I summarized the entire discussion at
> > http://www.xs4all.nl/~ppk/evolt/summary.html .

>wow... i think that's great...


>as for your summary, it looks good...
>i'd like to note that the delayed email wasn't the only precipitous
>event... some of that initial discussion took place on admin...

Admin archive is public, right? Could you provide me with a link? There
doesn't seem to be a general overview-by-date. I'd like to take a look at
these mails, too.

>i've tried to make that as clinical as possible, without qualifying it,
>but it's hard when you're talking about people's feelings and

Which is why I thought I'd do it. I have no evolt-running experience
whatsoever, no personal feelings either (except that evolt really should
survive) so I can take a detached look at the facts. Besides, I'm an
historian by nature and profession.

I summarized the primary sources (the discussion), now on to a first
analysis (mainly ordering the facts), then on to the real work (interpreting
the facts).

Dunno where this will end but it'll probably be useful to someone. I don't
promise anything of a deadline either.

>under fact-finding, thesite doesn't necessarily work... if i recall
>correctly, the decision to build a voting app was handed over as a
>request, and it's languished... may need to verify that, but it was
>another post and isn't covered later on when you mention thesite

OK, added a note.

>for the list of who's on admin, dan is not on admin...


>CYA means "Cover Your Ass"...

I see... Now I have to re-read the mail for some context.

>and i agree that i am the moderator, and too opinionated....

You said so yourself <g>.

>and now that i see it again, i kind like the 'mantra' as marlene
>framed it...

Me too. It's my guiding principle in my professional life. If you're
irreplaceable it means people will even phone you when you're on holiday. I
don't like that at all, so I have to create a structure that allows people
to carry on without me.


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