[Theforum] Summary of the entire discussion

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Wed Apr 24 02:44:34 CDT 2002

Brian King said:

> An admin structure shall be established with four separate functions
> each of which is to be made up four groups of people.

This is the thing which I think needs to be fleshed out next - how many
groups do we need? What are their purposes? Etc.. I've got a list of groups
I've thought of here: http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/TaskDivision.

Personally,I think the more we can break individual tasks up, the better.
That way if someone wants, they could answer evolts mails but not have to
hear about article approval, etc. This way everyone could mix and match to
precisely what they wanted to do.


PS Martin, can you please move that page over? Thanks.

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