[Theforum] Re: Monkey Groups (was: Summary of entire discussion)

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Apr 24 15:54:29 CDT 2002

> Looks like 5-10:

> "Made up of 1 or 2 members from each Monkey group. Every six months
> people are picked from respective groups and cannot serve consecutive
> terms from that group(extenuating circumstances not withstanding of
> course)."

Thanks for putting a fine point on it. I think perhaps that it has to be
bigger than that. I think we have the group with root access as
committed membership in the steering committee (as long as they are
exercising that power) plus members from each group. Maybe 3-4? I just
want it to be truly representative. On the other hand, maybe I've just
gotten comfortable working in a mob setting. :)

> I don't really have a comment one way or the other about the number,
but I
> like how the steering committee is made up of people from other groups
> there aren't people who are *just* on the steering committee.

I agree. That has to help with cross-communication which was one of my

> http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/VotingReqs

> Now, if you remember the discussion that we had on theforum about
this, it
> got pretty detailed and even technical. There was a good bit of effort
> into to explain certain technical details in non-technical terms. I'd
> something like this prepared (maybe a little less detailed) that just
> focused on the needs of the app and handed to the appropriate group(s)
> fleshing out and implementation.

You lost me. The Reqs wasn't enough to get thesite started? Someone else
would have to put in their own piece re: db structure and all of that.
It's still a Wiki and anyone on thesite can add those more technical

> I hope that makes sense. LIke I said, it wasn't the best example.

I think you really lost me. Example of what exactly? Example of what
should or shouldn't be handed to a group?

> Main point: I think the steering committee would be a little higher
> and the groups would be for fleshing out details and implementing

I agree. The (steering committee)=(what is good for evolt) as well as
helps move the group along a path of stability.

- amanda

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