[Theforum] root access

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Apr 24 20:06:21 CDT 2002

Peter-Paul Koch wrote:

>> - There will always be certain positions which will have to go beyond
>> any sort of term limit. I'm especially thinking of those who have root
>> access.
> This is the central point. Whatever structure we can think up and
> implement,
> anyone with root access can destroy it.
> It really doesn't make sense to discuss organization without giving the
> organization (in this case: the steering committee) root access. If it
> doesn't have root access, the system is flawed from the beginning and
> may be
> removed without warning at any time.

I have never seen any organization (except very small ones) where the
steering commitee (corp. officers, Dept heads, committee chairs) had
root access to the systems the corp. owned (CIO usually does, monkey run
rep/s).  The decision making group, steering group, very seldom has
access beyond applications necessary to do their jobs.  We are unique in
that most of us are more computer savy than average corporate leaders
but I think we still need the balance, and seperation of powers to keep
things on an even keel.

root access is not necessary for most tasks to be done.  We do need to
define security/access schemes and get them implemented.

Ron D.

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