[Theforum] Re: Monkey Groups (was: Summary of entire discussion)

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Apr 24 20:21:53 CDT 2002

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A. Erickson wrote:

>>>Even if your main job is CF/db/whatever, if you need root access you
>>>should also be part of the server admin group, so you know about and
>>>have an input into any upcoming changes.
>>Something else to consider, with root access on *nix servers, a wrong
>>keystroke or two can kill a server before the stroker can say "O.
>>It has been mentioned that "levels" of access need to be determined
>>a group "monkey run" be formed to handle seting up security and
>>maintaining access to the servers.
>Okay. I can see both those points. Perhaps I've been the one at fault
>for using 'root' in too general a way.
>I think 'access denied' has been an issue in the past that I'd like to
>see resolved. I'd like to see that those with deep access also involved
>in the steering committee, regardless of where else they are involved.
>It seems to me that there needs to be a stronger connection between the
>soft things (community, design, direction) and the hard things
>(technology, code, structure).
>Does that make sense?
I agree. 'access denied' is very frustrating and is an issue for us.  I
also agree that we need a stronger connection and better communication
between our different groups (any name, areas of interest?).  Getting
the 'access denied' issue resolved is one of the reasones I support
Michele's "what do you want to do" idea.  It will allow us to collect
the perceived ways of executing our tasks whick will provide the
information needed to define security/access schemes.

Yes, this makes sense to me.  It also makes me glad to see us moving
toward a cooperative, run by the community, communicating group again.
 I can operate in structured and un-structured environments equally
well.  We have to find a balance that allows all of to work comfortably
together, and I see movement in that direction for the first time in
many months.

evolt.org still has the potential to be very special.

Ron D.


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