[Theforum] root access

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Wed Apr 24 21:36:08 CDT 2002

Martin wrote:

> On Thursday, April 25, 2002, at 02:06  am, Ron Dorman wrote:
>> I have never seen any organization (except very small ones) where the
>> steering commitee (corp. officers, Dept heads, committee chairs) had
>> root access to the systems the corp. owned (CIO usually does, monkey run
>> rep/s).  The decision making group, steering group, very seldom has
>> access beyond applications necessary to do their jobs.  We are unique in
>> that most of us are more computer savy than average corporate leaders
>> but I think we still need the balance, and seperation of powers to keep
>> things on an even keel.
> I think you're right, Ron, but bearing in mind that the people with
> root access are accountable to the steering committee, whose
> authority they invoke when they use their access.

yep, that is part of the balance.  But not just the steering committe,
accountable to all groups and members.  I think that is the key to this
really working well.  We are all responsible/accountable to all the
members of all areas of evolt.org.

Yes, we need organization and we need to develop processes to support
the operation and growth of evolt.org.  Yes, we need a steering body and
groups to handle all the aspects of all areas of operating evolt.org,
all accountable to each other, and all members of evolt.org.

In other words, if the steering runs afoul, and the majority vote
against the steering committee, the majority decision is to be the
direction taken.  I think this is what needs to be in place for all
groups we are talking about and what we eventually put in place.  Any
one group has to be accountable to all other groups and the entire
membership of evolt.org.

I think there have to be checks and balances in place to prevent any one
individual, or group, from running the ship aground, either accidentally
or . . . otherwise.

Ron D.

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