[Theforum] root access

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Sat Apr 27 09:39:03 CDT 2002

>I have never seen any organization (except very small ones)
>where the steering commitee (corp. officers, Dept heads,
>committee chairs) had root access to the systems the corp.
>owned (CIO usually does, monkey run rep/s).  The decision
>making group, steering group, very seldom has access beyond
>applications necessary to do their jobs.  We are unique in
>that most of us are more computer savy than average corporate
>leaders but I think we still need the balance, and seperation
>of powers to keep things on an even keel.
>root access is not necessary for most tasks to be done.  We do
>need to define security/access schemes and get them implemented.
>Ron D.

At Magis, none of the executives have the Windows administrator or Unix root
password or access. None. The folks who make the decisions aren't the ones
who implement them.

Not that it *necessarily* applies here, but one flaw in our department is
that our Director isn't especially good at the wearing two hats, one
technical, one managerial. He gets wrapped up in troubleshooting a firewall
issue or something, and strategic/tactical issues don't get the attention
they need.

Division of labor; checks and balances; both make it more likely that the
steering committee, in whatever form it eventually bubbles to the surface,
would *not* have root access (in the technical meaning.)


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