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On Sunday, May 5, 2002, at 10:44  pm, William Anderson wrote:

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>> Here's a neat trick btw - the title in there doesn't actually do
>> anything (other than make it more human-parsable), so we can
>> stick wee referer codes in there to see
>> a) how much traffic is coming from a specific link or source
> can't this be extracted from the apache logs?


>> b) ...plus the traffic from people who take the link from that source
>>     and link to it themselves
>> (so you can work out the total benefit of a link from blogger).
> I thought this might destroy the use of the link once it's memepooled
> around
> the web (i.e. it would no longer be linked to from blogger itself, but
> from
> blogs, emails and so on around the net), but I suppose it means an
> article
> could be tracked while it's being relinked and passed around.

Yep - that's the point I was making. If the Blogger link gets passed
and used by bloggers, then you can track how much traffic you get as a
*total end result* of getting the link on Blogger.

You can also find some interesting stuff. For a while, the top result on
Google for "Content Management System" was this article:
which told us something quite interesting. Because the only place that
link type (/rating/) appears is in the 'Highest Rated' sidebar, it
that links *within* a site feed into Google's algorithm (every page on
site has the sidebar).

holy shit btw - the number 1 result is now

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