[Theforum] Responsible public list practices

Holographic holographic at members.evolt.org
Tue May 7 15:21:54 CDT 2002

> With over a thousand e-mails per week going through evolt, I'm
> not kvetching
> (much) about one or two spams that get through - especially as the content
> has almost always been stripped (the only one that didn't was that Africa
> scam). Does anyone know about the actual percentages of signal to noise?
> I've seen *much* worse get through in other places.

This is true but is there any reason not to close the lists. Most lists anywhere are normally closed.

> Seb, I'm glad I don't work where you work... if you can't explain to them
> what spam is... oof, you've got a hard row to hoe.

I used to work for BT and they were very strick on this sort of thing. For obvious reasons

> Closing the list would not inconvenience me; however, I'd like to
> hear more
> from the other side of the debate before it's settled once and for all.



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