[Theforum] Responsible public list practices

Hugh Blair hblair at hotfootmail.com
Tue May 7 16:31:06 CDT 2002

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> On Behalf Of Miriam Frost
> > > > here's an idea, how about a vote?
> > > +10.
> > +1 from me. I don't see why all the lists aren't closed to
> > non-subscribers. The really small inconvience it might put
> > on so few people is just not worth anyone being hassled on
> > their job or otherwise.
> errr, I was +10-ing the concept of a real discussion and vote. Voting to
> vote, if you will. But only after I'd heard some other PsOV.

And I was +1'ing your request for discussion. Then I put *my*
discussion inline. Sorry I didn't put a few /n first <grin>


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