[Theforum] quick change

John Corry john at neoncowboy.com
Tue May 7 20:13:34 CDT 2002

> > its pretty apparent that a couple very outspoken people
> don't want me
> > to have anything to do with evolt anymore, no matter how much they
> > sugar coat it.
> let me know who they are and i'll slap them around...


Any of you who have given Dan a hard time for *anything* should be
ashamed of yourselves...

I could rant, I could rave, but I'll stop there to spare those of you
who aren't whining about Dan not being perfect or something.

Seeing Dan want to take a step back from evolt.org because of being
personally flamed by the very community he's tried so hard to nurture
has just been heartbreaking to me. I mean, I'm really sad to see him not
feel welcomed in certain roles or positions here.

I just had to get that off my chest, now I'm going down to the airport
to pick up an Evolter (Josh Retterer aka: bigcountryboy) for his first
visit to Hawaii :)

Dan, wish you were here :)


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