responsibility sharing (was: Re: [Theforum] quick change)

Martin martin at
Wed May 8 08:11:14 CDT 2002

On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at 01:56  pm, Dean Mah wrote:

> Michele mentioned that there were some problems using Netscape with
> Zope or our usage of Zope.

AFAIK, that was a misunderstanding over a timezone error (brief summary:
on the wiki if you set a time zone which isn't a Python standard one, you
get an error on every page because every page carries an edit timestamp
which the site attempts to localise for you. I've updated the timezone
to a
select control so this error shouldn't reoccur).

As far as using sites built with Zope, there should be absolutely no
problem using any browser, although the authentication model
does require cookies, so if anything beyond anonymous access
is required, you'll need those. But as far as a site user is concerned,
there's nothing special going on - it's just plain old HTML, and data
submitted via forms.

As far as the Zope management interface is concerned, you'll need
frames and cookies. I've not heard of any issues beyond this.

> Is this a permanent problem?  Or is this
> something that is being fixed?  I can view information but I cannot
> edit it.

Which page are you trying to edit? Most of the pages (other than
help pages etc) are set for anonymous editing - the 'user name'
doesn't tie into the Zope security model at the moment, although
I can change that.

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