[Theforum] quick change

javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Wed May 8 08:25:17 CDT 2002

John Corry wrote:

> Seeing Dan want to take a step back from evolt.org because of being
> personally flamed by the very community he's tried so hard to nurture
> has just been heartbreaking to me. I mean, I'm really sad to see him not
> feel welcomed in certain roles or positions here.

This point is very important. Most of us are way too attached to the
community than it is good for our health. (Like me feeling guilty for
not being able to catch up on this list for having zillions of stuff to
do at the office, including moving my stuff across half the city)

Some people are struggling to have more space to give back, it's very
sad to see Dan feeling the plan is to have him excluded. Take it easy
brother, we all respect and treasure all you give everyday, and I could
bet that part of the purpose of people wanting more space to contribute
is getting some weight off your shoulders. I know you take all the
evolt.org stuff very seriously and have a big feeling of responsibility
towards the members. Breath deep Danny boy, nobody wants you out of the



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