[Theforum] Re: Zope and NN

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 8 08:37:15 CDT 2002

Yeah, it's busted in NN4.7 too on win98.  Can't get the w3c to validate it
either.  I ran it through CSE locally, and there are a lot of errors.  Div
tag not closed and table tags as well as td and tr tags .. which probably
explains why NN is upset.

Martin, can you edit the underlying HTML? I was viewing an editform page.

(Dean, send me your changes if ya want)

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From: "Dean Mah" <dmah at shaw.ca>
| If it helps, NN4.78 under Linux 2.4.18 and Linux 2.2.12.
| Dean

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