[Theforum] Responsible public list practices

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed May 8 09:02:09 CDT 2002

> From: "Brian W King" <bking at impact-technologies.com>
> you had a lot of valid points, but the need for the number of
> pokes in
> the eyes was probably not there. - You have dually noted your opinion
> on this and I doubt that anyone questions how strongly you feel about
> it.  I haven't read the 50+ posts after this yet, I am still catching
> up, but it is very difficult to respond to your arguments when you
> have coupled the opposing argument with words like you have used.  You
> insinuated that anyone who opposes your stance is 'stupid' and an
> 'idiot'.  Don't get me wrong, I agree with your position, but please
> try not to tell others that they are stupid for not feeling the same,
> it's not necessary.

i can see the misinterpretation, but i called the decision stupid, not
the people...

previously i felt it was odd, then strange, then kinda daft, then just
silly... but as more and more people piped up to say they had
problems, and as everyone pushing for it felt like they were hitting a
brick wall, well, i felt it was stupid...

part of the reason i was so rabid in my post is because the last
dozen times this has come up, i've been ignored, or my arguments
were dismissed...

unfortunately, the only way i *could* get a response was to be
aggressive... but no, i didn't call anyone stupid, just the decisions...

sorry if it sounded too harsh, but that was my intention...

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