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Brian W King bking at impact-technologies.com
Wed May 8 10:01:41 CDT 2002

Elfur, I am sorry but I have to speak up on Dan's behalf on this one.

1) Of course the email was meant as a slap.  The words used in it could not
be taken any other way.  Maybe you should go back and reread it yourself.
Please see the post I just put up prior to this one if you can follow the
thread back.
2) I do agree that there have been personal attacks on Dan.  I think that
Dan has done an outstanding job of holding his cool through the last couple
of weeks in regards to that and I think that I, (yes even I), find it
offensive that you would suggest that Dan is out of line in expressing his
distaste in the face of the overtly cynical remarks thrown his way.  Dan
obviously also has a great amount of care for this organization, don't
minimize his points by dismissing them as retributive rhetoric.  That in
itself is an arrogant stance and is in itself is inflammatory.  Don't goad
someone into a defensive position and then slap them for being defensive.
3) Yes the problem does lie with a decision and the dispute therein, so stop
bringing the personal stuff into it.  And don't stand on a pedestal and
point the finger at those who are simply reacting to the finger pointing at


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From: Elfur Logadottir
Subject: Re: [Theforum] quick change
| adrian is the new thelist admin. i'm tired of battling about the whole
| issue and getting personaly bitchslapped offlist everytime i try don't
| agree with something.

i honestly don't think that was his intention to bitchslap you personally.
sorry to see you feel that way.

| its pretty apparent that a couple very outspoken people don't want me to
| have anything to do with evolt anymore, no matter how much they sugar
| coat it.

that is far from true.
Now dan, we've been friends and we've been foes, but never ever have i
heard *anyone* speak of you not being a part of evolt.org. nor have i ever
heard *anyone* being ungrateful for all you've done for evolt.org. even
when participating in the most irrational discussions. *everyone* knows
that you've put in a lot of miles. sometimes it just feels that the miles
of others aren't valued as much.

| i do thank them for having he courtesy to bring out the personal attcks
| on and off list while i was in the country this time though. there have
| been those of us who've said we put so much time into evolt because its
| fun, ya know? how fun are some of you making it?

again. i have the utmost faith that this was not supposed to be a personal
attack. attack on a decision you've made, sure, but not on you personally.
and yes, there is a distinction between the two. i've resented the
decisions you've made in the past, but never the person.

however, turning back to the question you ask above, one could argue that
the decision you made in the past (with the filtering and non-member
posting to the lists) is far from fun for many. and the persistense in not
changing that decision, might be frustrating to some.

please dan, remember, there is a dispute about a decision, not a character.
(and no i'm not sugar coating anything here)

lets keep on working for a better evolt.org


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I have every intention of helping evolt.org turn into something that doesn't
*need* me...

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