[Theforum] quick change

Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Wed May 8 13:56:06 CDT 2002

> ANYONE can subscribe to thelist, send out a message, then be
> unsubscribed either on their own or by an administrator.
true dat.

> Or, even better how about those email
> clients and ISP's that send out email and change the "from" lines
> automatically?
Eek. A member of another list I'm on just got hit with a spam virus that did
just that. Was gruesome.

> How are you (Adrian .. or we, evolt.org) going to have any kind of idea
> many list subscribers there really are?  How in the world are we
> ever going to hope to match those addresses with a userID on weo?  User
> authentication for ueue was going to be difficult enough,
Oooh, hadn't thought about that....

> What's next?  I *hate* the way the
> textareas are on weo.

>  If you've managed to read to the end of
> this message, congrats, have a beer on me.
Geez, Michele, I just got fired for reading about drinking beer while I was
at work.

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