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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 8 14:23:39 CDT 2002


Perhaps I was misinformed.  When I joined Admin, along with Matt W. and
David McCreath, we were given the password and instructions on how to
administer thelist (among many other things of course ;).  At least, that's
how I remember it.  A few individuals have recently stated that they used to
administer thelist, I just assumed all of Admin when I joined had the
passwords and knowledge for this task.

It wasn't my intention to mislead nor misrepresent the facts.

Also, the email application within a.e.o. was built much later and didn't
and still doesn't have any impact on how thelist is/was managed.  The two
entities, as well as the third, that being priv level 3 or greater on weo,
are entirely different systems.


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From: "Martin" <martin at members.evolt.org>
| On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at 07:45  pm, Ron Dorman wrote:
| >> On Wednesday, May 8, 2002, at 07:05  pm, Michele Foster wrote:
| >>
| >>> First of all, ALL of Admin used to have the task to administer
| >>> thelist.
| >>
| >>
| >> Sorry, Michele. Not the case. Only nominated individuals - Dan
| >> plus those he chose to share it with. If you had access it wasn't
| >> by right of your general admin access.
| >
| >
| > I would have to reinforce Michelle's statement that all of admin list
| > members used to have access and be able to handle the tasks of email
| > management.  If I remember correctly, only after the priv levels were
| > introduced in version ???, did that change and become an invitation only
| > with approval of the admin group.  Your statement of "Dan plus those he
| > chose to share it with" is a bit inaccurate also.  That has been
| > repeated so many times in past posts it is accepted as the truth by
| > some.  Read the archives for the reality of it all.
| In which case, Ron, I have to conclude that I was explicitly excluded.
| I have *never* had admin access to thelist, through 3 years or so
| of being an admin.
| I fear you may be conflating this with access to the aeo tool to
| respond to emails from the contact us form.

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