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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 8 18:41:17 CDT 2002


They block me from using my own outgoing SMTP server and instead require me
to use theirs.  I thought it was just Bell, which is why I switched last
fall.  But, apparently my new provider has told me the same thing.  At the
moment I'm using a temporary account that allows me to use my own SMTP
server.  If/when I switch over to a real account on their system then I'm
guessing relaying through my own SMTP server won't work.  I did do a quick
test before I moved, and on the real system I couldn't send out with my own

I'll admit to being rather ignorant about this tho.  Dan, Morb, Russ and
others tried to help me get around it the last time, but nothing would work.
The ISP's reasonings for it are two-fold (1) to stop someone from using
their relay servers to send out email mimicking like its coming from one of
their users and (2) cause they want me to host my domains on their service,
then they'll add an exception.


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| > Somehow I don't think it's just me that wants and has in the past posted
| > from other email addresses than the one I'm subbed with.  I'm also
| > it's not just Matt's outgoing ISP that changes his "from" address to a
| > format which MG will say he's not subsribed.  In fact, my old ISP and
now my
| > current one insisted on me using their outgoing mail servers instead of
| > own.  (Thankfully they've messed something up so I'm still able to use
| > own at the moment ;)
| (I'm staying away from the rest of this discussion, but...)
| Michelle,
| How can our current ISP keep you from using -any- mail server? I log in
| across the country through 1 of 6 ISP accounts and still use my own
| mailserver all the time. How could they tell unless they were monitoring
| your traffic? Not really doable.
| Ignore them. Do your own thing.

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