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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Wed May 8 18:56:49 CDT 2002

> From: "Michele Foster" <michele at wordpro.on.ca>
> away, I just wasn't using it)?  I've seen a call made for others to
> help Adrian administer thelist. Ok, fair enough, but umm.. where was
> that decision made?  How come now it's not an Admin Only Task just
> because Adrian's in charge of it?

based on the discussions here, the plans for the groups, etc., and
the requests to cover more timezones and have back-ups in place,
we've talked about getting some assistance for some time now...
this change shouldn't affect that...

> Also, how does this affect the excellent progress that was being made
> on thecharter list? How will this effect the Backend working group
> we've been discussing over there?  Have we taken 10 steps backwards
> now?  It sure seems like it to me.  Oh yeah, throw a temper tantrum
> and halt all progress. </quote>

i don't see that as related... thecharter shouldn't be impacted by
this, or anything else... if anything, we should get that moving
much more quickly...

> So do I .. and I think the others were Miriam, Garrett C., Chris S.
> and John H.

which two didn't know they had access?  and if you're listening,
folks, wanna add youself to the wiki at:

> | we need to get more people on this and cover more timezones, as | we
> had discussed...
> Discussed, but who made the final decision?  and where?  Has

no decision has been made, this was just just a discussion...
now's the time to make a decision, though...

> documentation been created/prepared so that new administrators have
> something to read so they understand what its all about?  Not that
> there's much to figure out anymore, since the new interface is much
> more user-friendly.

it's the mailman interface, so anyone familiar with mailman has an
advantage, i don't see that much new in here... otherwise, no, i
wasn't left with any documentation...

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