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| > Also, how does this affect the excellent progress that was being made
| > on thecharter list? How will this effect the Backend working group
| > we've been discussing over there?  Have we taken 10 steps backwards
| > now?  It sure seems like it to me.  Oh yeah, throw a temper tantrum
| > and halt all progress. </quote>
| i don't see that as related... thecharter shouldn't be impacted by
| this, or anything else... if anything, we should get that moving
| much more quickly...

Here's the backend case study .. which is where list management is/was being
discussed.  Hopefully others will provide input.


| [...]
| > So do I .. and I think the others were Miriam, Garrett C., Chris S.
| > and John H.
| which two didn't know they had access?  and if you're listening,
| folks, wanna add youself to the wiki at:
| http://freezope2.nipltd.net/acorn/evolt/ListManagement

I think you're referring to me and Garrett.  Just to clarify, I didn't know
I had access to aeo since I had requested to be removed... nothing to do
with list management.  Garrett had forgotten the password which I sent to
him.  It is, however, entirely possible that Garrett didn't realize he
*still* had access and that the password he originally had before hadn't
been changed when Dan returned from that particular trip.

| > | we need to get more people on this and cover more timezones, as | we
| > had discussed...
| >
| > Discussed, but who made the final decision?  and where?  Has
| no decision has been made, this was just just a discussion...
| now's the time to make a decision, though...

Ok .. but is the decision an interim one until the Working Groups and the
work being done by thecharter is finalized?  Or, are you proposing that *we*
(i.e. this group) settle the necessary decisions for the Backend Working
Group now?  I just want to make sure we're all on the same page.

I would prefer it was an interim decision, because the decisions on which
working groups to have, how many participants in each group, how many groups
each person can belong too, who will have *final* access and responsibility,
etc. have not been determined yet.  I want us to still be able to progress
with answering those questions and decisions within the framework (i.e.
thecharter) which has already been agreed upon.

| > documentation been created/prepared so that new administrators have
| > something to read so they understand what its all about?  Not that
| > there's much to figure out anymore, since the new interface is much
| > more user-friendly.
| [...]
| it's the mailman interface, so anyone familiar with mailman has an
| advantage, i don't see that much new in here... otherwise, no, i
| wasn't left with any documentation...

I don't remember there ever being any either... aside from within the list
management software itself.


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