[Theforum] Re: Zope and NN

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed May 8 21:01:04 CDT 2002


Can we make an "exception" and add zeo to meo instead of leo?  I know
there's been a strong desire to keep meo on its own and have the other
evolt.org subsites sit on the other box...especially from the stand-point of
the meo box being attacked in some unforeseeable manner resulting in other
evolt.org sites being taken down with it.

Aside from that, which is rather important to consider in its own right, is
there a compelling reason we can't change our minds?  Actually, this should
be a discussion on thesite I think; however, I don't want to inadvertently
eliminate others from discussing this further.

What sort of consequences/impacts could the meo account holders expect
should we decide to install Python 2.2 on there?  Are the teo or weo boxes
an option for this?



(p.s.  Did you *SEE* that no goal? .. Whew, I can breath a sigh of relief
until Friday.  ;)

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From: "Dean Mah" <dmah at shaw.ca>

| They are not on the same box.  The target machine was leo for use as
| zeo.
| Dean

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