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isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed May 8 22:38:36 CDT 2002

> i just want more input on this, it shouldn't be my decision...

Well, I think our requirements are that we choose people to cover timezones
(avoid *potential* gaps), and ensure that they are capable and trustworthy.

A list of volunteers exists here:

These are all people who have participated within evolt.org for an extended
period of time.

I think that if we can select people from Europe/Africa, Asia/Australia, and
then the East/West Coasts of CA/US/South America, we'll have our bases
covered fairly well.

Madhu (India: GMT +5.5) and myself (Australia: GMT +9.5) appear to be the
only volunteers covering Asia/Australia.

We've got William and Alan to cover Europe (do we need to find someone from
Eastern Europe?).

Jeff and Dean are west coast CA/US? (I get confused about which of Dean or
McLean are in Calgary).

Aardvark, Michele, and Hugh have the east coast?


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