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Brian W King bking at impact-technologies.com
Thu May 9 09:30:49 CDT 2002

I have added my name to the list.  I am currently in the process of moving
and will have a new home email address on Friday.  I do not have any
experience in admin-ing a list, but would like to learn and be of
assistance/use to the group.  I don't think that anyone really knows me well
enough to vouch for my trustworthiness as of yet.  I would be willing to
start out in an assistant type placement until such a time as I familiarized
myself with the 'ropes' and the group got some confidence in my ability.

Is there a link to the online documentation or required reading for this?


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On Thursday, May 9, 2002, at 04:38  am, isaac wrote:

> I think that if we can select people from Europe/Africa,
> Asia/Australia, and
> then the East/West Coasts of CA/US/South America, we'll have our bases
> covered fairly well.
> Madhu (India: GMT +5.5) and myself (Australia: GMT +9.5) appear to be
> the
> only volunteers covering Asia/Australia.
> We've got William and Alan to cover Europe (do we need to find someone
> from
> Eastern Europe?).
> Jeff and Dean are west coast CA/US? (I get confused about which of Dean
> or
> McLean are in Calgary).
> Aardvark, Michele, and Hugh have the east coast?

While we're at it, some extra hands on thechat would be helpful

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