[Theforum] Introduction

Tara Cleveland tara at taracleveland.com
Thu May 9 20:13:50 CDT 2002

Hi Everyone,

I've been meaning to sign up for theforum for quite awhile now, but kept
forgetting to actually do it. Seb's post to thechat reminded me to sign

I've been lurking for a couple of (crazy, whacked out) days now. I hope it's
not always so tumultuous here. :-@! I wanted to tell you *all* that as a
huge reader/user/fan of evolt who has been on the list for a few years on
and off, that I love evolt, I need evolt and I truly appreciate all of the
work all of you do to keep it going. I really hope that internal problems
and squabbles won't threaten the viability of evolt, because it is so
precious to so many of us. It certainly is really precious to me. Which is
why I've wanted to get more involved. And being totally unaware of anything
that has been going on on theforum it was a bit scary to sign up when I did,
so I really hope it's a blip on the radar...

Having said all that, I'm here to help out. I'm not terribly technical, but
I do like to roll up my sleeves and figure things out when I need to (still
learning some PHP). I can definitely do some pixel wrangling, and
administrative help, organize beervolts in the Toronto area, and I don't
know what else needs to be done so...

Okay, I'd seriously suggest an FAQ for this list, 'cause I have no idea what
most of you are talking about most of the time. I tried looking on the
archive (I've been reading it for the past hour), but I still haven't
answered any of my, dumb, newbie questions. What the hell is a wiki? Okay
wiki wiki is quick in Hawaii, but what does that have to do with evolt? Is
w.e.o www.evolt.org? I'm guessing? And what is the admin set up? How does
evolt work? Who decides what? And most importantly, what kinds of things can
people who want to help out do? If nobody wants to write an FAQ, once I get
acquainted with everything that goes on around here, I'll volunteer!! ;) ;)

Anyway, I hope I can be lots of help to you all, just let me know where to
begin (and keep in mind I have a *sort of* day job, so as much as I'd like
to, I can't do everything ;-) ) Oh by the way, I don't know who is eligible
to sign up to help out for thechat or thelist help, but I'd gladly do it if
it's not hours and hours of work everyday, and if I'm allowed to and oh, by
the way, I'm -5GMT (I think? EST anyway)... okay I'll shut up and go away
now. Thursday's my TV night anyway...

Signing off,

Tara Cleveland
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.
Imagination encircles the world." - Einstein

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