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> Hi Everyone,
> I've been meaning to sign up for theforum for quite awhile now, but kept
> forgetting to actually do it. Seb's post to thechat reminded me to sign
> up...

Welcome aboard!  Arrrrrrr (not Arrrrrrgh) ...

> [deletia]
> What the hell is a wiki? Okay
> wiki wiki is quick in Hawaii, but what does that have to do with
> evolt?

go have a look and play - the url is in the footer - it should answer some
of your questions at any rate.

> Is w.e.o www.evolt.org? I'm guessing?

You'll probably hear (with or without the periods) about weo, beo, leo, meo,
deo, aeo, feo and ueue ... the acronyms are explained by the lovely Michele
in the archives ...

can I just submit a suggestion for the last 'e' in ueue?  Michele has it
down as ???? - can i suggest 'entry'? ;)

> [snippage]
> Thursday's my TV night anyway...

mmmm, same here - thai chicken with coconut and lime sauce, fluffy boiled
rice, some beers and Friends ... it doesn't get any better than this

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