[Theforum] quick change

Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri May 10 08:14:07 CDT 2002

Hugh Blair wrote:

> If you have your own domain, and have it hosted on a server that has sendmail
> or some other mail program, then you should be able to set your email client
> to access that server/domain/email by setting the POP and SMTP settings to
> your server, usually something like:  mail.domain.com

This is true, and this is how we had our customers setting their clients.  Five hosting
customers from the same area were not able to send email under that setup (receiving was
fine).  Researching the problem led to an ISP service providing the access for all 5

> Since you're going directly to that server's mail system. Maybe someone one
> the list can educate me how they can block your access to your own server.
> I just don't understand.

Contacting the ISP revealed that, in a spam prevention effort, they were blocking any smtp
traffic originating on their network (all the dialups, ISDN and DSL connections) that did not
have the ISP's domain as the smtp server.  They thought they were doing a good thing and
cited several services that were doing the same thing for spam prevention.  After a little
conversation I persuaded them to allow the commercial customers we were hosting to use their
own smtp which we provided as part of the hosting service.

Ron D.

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