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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri May 10 19:46:34 CDT 2002

On Saturday, May 11, 2002, at 01:24  am, Ron Dorman wrote:

> A. Erickson wrote:
>> Gloating, Ron?
> yes Amanda, that's how your post came across to me.


If you wish to read and look for meaning below the surface,
sure, that's you're right. But it doesn't mean it's so (or indeed
that it's necessarily not so).

Amanda wrote:

> Plenty have left admin and other roles
> because they've had enough. But, that's been going on for awhile.

Since the earliest days of evolt, people with a strong involvement
have left for one reason or another. Solve left. Vince left after the
hosting was taken away from him. Ryan left. Other people left
the role they had - Amanda, David McCreath, Erika, Matt -
and stayed in the organisation.

Y'know, through all those, evolt.org survived. If I left tomorrow,
would evolt.org die? No. If you left, would evolt.org die? No.
Evolt.ORG is bigger than *any* individual. It's the entire
community. If Dan wishes to reduce his involvement, is that
OK? Of course - no-one's forcing him or *any* of us to do
stuff we're not able or willing to do. And we've always recognised

But in reducing his involvement, is he going to do something
daft? I'd be very, very surprised. Dan's a professional at what
he does and would be very much able to ensure that any
transition was handled professionally. I'd expect no different
from anyone here. If Isaac left, would he pull his design at
ten minutes notice? No. If Jeff left, would he pull all his code
without an opportunity to migrate to something else? No.
No more than I'd pull the wiki. And all that despite each of
us having the ability to do so.

Because *all* of us here are grown up professionals. And
no matter how much we argue with people, doing the *job*
is a matter of professional pride and reputation.

Now, out there in the real world of evolt.org, there are several
thousand evolt.org members who depend on the people in
this group for a lot of support. And what we've built *is* very
good - why do you think we get offers from glasshaus to
be contributing authors and reviewers (at *least* 3 of us).
Why do we get featured in upcoming O'Reilly books?
Because what we've built as an organisation is *good*.

Now please, cut the name calling (everyone who's thinking
of name-calling) and focus on stuff that actually matters, eh?

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