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Ron Dorman rwd at csi1st.net
Fri May 10 22:41:28 CDT 2002

.jeff wrote:

> ron,
>>From: Ron Dorman
>>I truly wish this thread wasn't happening.
> then stop perpetuating it by continuing this thread.
> can we just drop it and move on?


I understand the request and the desire to see this type of stuff gone.
  I have made the same request several times in the past.  I have enough
experience to know that a problem ignored and muted eventually
resurfaces.  It will continue to resurface until is solved, handled,
fixed or whatever you want to call it.  This issue has resurrected
itself so many times the count is as disgusting as the issue.  I didn't
start this thread, I didn't start the bashing or the infighting of this
group.  I have attempted several times to help resolve this issue.

It's like a weed in the yard.  If you don't pull the roots out of the
ground, put it in plastic and send it off somewhere else, you will have
a bigger weed with lot's of kinfolk hanging around it.

We have to get rid of the weeds to get where we are going.

Again, if the membership of evolt.org thinks I am out of line, I will
back off and abide the wishes of the membership.  But I will not sit
idle and watch this great community, wonderful resource, and all the
efforts of those who have helped be trashed in any way.

I could use the "I will not go silently . . . " thing, but, a bit much I
think. :)

Ron D.

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