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Ron Dorman rondorman at vteamtechnologies.com
Fri May 10 18:43:54 CDT 2002

A. Erickson wrote:

>>You asked onlist. He answered.
> Okay. Whatever.
> I think I'd like to have a contest though over who is the most fed-up.
> Is it me? Is it you? Is it Rudy? Is it Ron? Is it Adrian? Is it Dan?
> Is it David? http://neugierig.org/pics/misc/HASS-D03.JPG
> It'll be like a reverse beauty contest in which everyone can come out
> all hung-over and bleary-eyed and wearing Guiness-stained shirts and
> chain-smoking in our slippers.


Miriam and rudy simply posted responses to your question.  Stating their
opinions of what they have observed.  I love Javi's optimism and hope.
Matt's statement that giving a guilt trip to someone is hard to do is
right on.

Since you mentioned my name, in association with being fed-up, I decided
to respond.

You think rudy tried to hand out a quilt trip and you think that is
lame.  You make this statement right after a couple of sentences that
seem, to me, to be gloating over dan possibly leaving evolt.org.  I
think that is very lame.

I am fed-up.  But not with evolt.org.  We have some good things
happening and are moving in a good direction I think.  I hope this
thread doesn't do any damage to the progress.

I never thought I would feel the way I feel tonight, I never thought I
would say what I am going to say now.  Most of my remembrances of your
involvement with evolt.org are that you have been argumentative,
confrontational, disrespectful, disruptive and very outspoken against
dan.  I feel that evolt.org would benefit from your absence until the
ill spirit is changed.

If the other people here feel that I am out of line with this post I
will quietly bow out of this area of evolt.org.  But I believe that we
need to self-moderate this list as well as the thelist has been
self-moderated and I feel your opening post was a troll and your
subsequent statements to be out of line and unacceptable for our
purposes here.

Ron D.

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