[Theforum] Re: (no subject)

Miriam miriam at members.evolt.org
Sat May 11 07:55:55 CDT 2002

> Gradually, it starts to become apparent that the ad hominem
> attacks are tolerated from some quarters but not others.
> Over an extended period of time, the end result is the
> rather bizarre situation in which we now find ourselves:
> there's a constant 'drip, drip' of venom and those many of
> us who find it repugnant constantly bite our tongues for
> fear of 'taking it personal'.

> Responding to ad hominem attacks (in kind or otherwise)
> results in admonishments for lowering the tone.

> After all, if we change the processes and the net result is
> that not a single additional person contributes to evolt.org
> other than in some assistant-to-the-ancien-regime manner,
> what do we gain from all of this turmoil?  Crap all.
Amen, bro.

> There are, indisputably, one or two individuals within
> evolt.org for whom that zero result is the entire point of
> their contribution to theforum.  If you *really* doubt that,
> see if you can find me a single contribution from that
> quarter in the archive which suggests otherwise.

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