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Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat May 11 10:14:33 CDT 2002

Lachlan wrote:
>Shouldn't this thread have been stopped by Adrian? When we do have things
>like this happening, we need a strong admin presence to be able to step
>in and say threads over (like Eric Meyer acts on CSSD).

No. On lists like thelist and CSSD, I can understand. That has a specific
subject matter. So does this list, and it's a totally different subject
matter. We're discussing the present and future (and sometimes the past
:-\ ) of evolt.org. Among many things, that sometimes includes
people. While in general it's A Good Thing to avoid directing anything
personal, it's sometimes unavoidable. There was a post by Amanda(?) just
last week or so about the fact that if one is going to criticize actions
taken with the servers, and there's only one guy handling that
(supposedly), then singling that person out is pretty unavoidable. This is
a similar situation. If one is criticizing actions by an individual, it's
nearly impossible to not single that person out.

Unfortunately it has to be done sometimes. Whether this time was one of
those times, I don't know. But it was obvious that the intention of the
post in question was to put forth a "who cares if he leaves" attitude. I
think that's intentionally insulting, because Dan leaving isn't the same
as me leaving... or Erika leaving... or Michele leaving - no matter how
you look at it. One can say that each member is equally important to
evolt.org's existence, but those are just words - and it will *never* be
like that, no matter how much effort is put towards it.

>To be quite frank, I haven't ever been as ashamed of the people running
>this community as in this thread.

Really? Well, I have. This is nothing in comparison.

Fwiw, you're included in "the people running this community," which leads
me to my next point...

As for progress, that stopped with the debate on a setting on the lists. I
suppose if you want to kick-start progress again, you can bring up some
topics. And we *will* progress - at least until someone else gets that
itch to argue. Then the subject will change and we'll be back to where we
are now.

But I'll play along and participate if you get something going...


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