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aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat May 11 11:57:58 CDT 2002

> From: "Warden, Matt" <mwarden at mattwarden.com>
> Lachlan wrote:
> >Shouldn't this thread have been stopped by Adrian? When we do have
> >things like this happening, we need a strong admin presence to be
> >able to step in and say threads over (like Eric Meyer acts on CSSD).
> No. On lists like thelist and CSSD, I can understand. That has a
> specific subject matter. So does this list, and it's a totally
> different subject matter. We're discussing the present and future (and
> sometimes the past :-\ ) of evolt.org. Among many things, that
> sometimes includes people. While in general it's A Good Thing to avoid
> directing anything personal, it's sometimes unavoidable. There was a
> post by Amanda(?) just last week or so about the fact that if one is
> going to criticize actions taken with the servers, and there's only
> one guy handling that (supposedly), then singling that person out is
> pretty unavoidable. This is a similar situation. If one is criticizing
> actions by an individual, it's nearly impossible to not single that
> person out.

er, what he said (damn, matt, you've become more eloquent lately)...

i'd like to add that i don't plan on killing threads that are
discussing evolt.org in general... now, if the majority here *want*
that, then it's a different story, but i firmly believe all
discussion is good discussion, even when it pisses some of us off...

> As for progress, that stopped with the debate on a setting on the
> lists. I suppose if you want to kick-start progress again, you can
> bring up some topics. And we *will* progress - at least until someone
> else gets that itch to argue. Then the subject will change and we'll
> be back to where we are now.


we have pressing issues to address right now, and it's a good
opportunity to begin to hash out the long-term plans...

we can use this time to prototype our process, see what does and
doesn't work, and build into a long-term plan that will work...

we're better off moving forward from here...

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