[Theforum] Re: (no subject)

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Sat May 11 11:58:03 CDT 2002

"All of the things"? Two:
I've asked that suggestions be made as to who should be the
tech/admin/billing contacts for the evolt.org domain name.

I've also removed my personal address, as was requested, from the
contribute page and ask that a more appropriate one be put in there in
the meantime.

So, I guess what I'm wondering is why don't you feel theres a
transition? Is me asking for suggestions about these changes not a
'transition'? Maybe I'm just reading it wrong or something.
How should I have handled it, seriously?

As for everything else, I'll get to that on Monday.

Bob Davis wrote:

> Dan's dropping all of the things he's done for evolt in a very
> disorganized way. There's no transition - we're left playing catch
> up. While I get the impression that he may feel that he's been fired,
> I still would like to hear a simple mail stating the complete story.
> from his perspective.
> Dan - I just want to hear your side from you, and not conjecture from
> others.

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