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Sun May 12 08:16:47 CDT 2002

At 4:28 AM -0500 5/12/02, theforum-request at wrote:
>So, I guess what I'm wondering is why don't you feel theres a
>transition? Is me asking for suggestions about these changes not a
>'transition'? Maybe I'm just reading it wrong or something.
>How should I have handled it, seriously?

It just seems to have happened quickly with no planning.

You said (and forgive my paraphrasing), "hey guys, I'm doing this -
where do you want it" where I feel like a little more time in
planning could have helped. Maybe with all of the stress here I'm
just seeing it in a more panicky light, but that's my take.

>As for everything else, I'll get to that on Monday.

Cool. I'm busy today too.

>Bob Davis wrote:
>>  Dan's dropping all of the things he's done for evolt in a very
>  > disorganized way.


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