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Brian W King bking at impact-technologies.com
Tue May 14 07:18:12 CDT 2002

+1 to everything I have read so far.  I am truly encouraged by the
construction that has happened over the last few days!  I am amazed at how
cooperative everyone has been and how much has been hashed out.  Sorry I
have been out of the loop, I am also still in the process of moving and will
be in and out over the next couple of weeks.  Will throw my 2 cents in where
I can though.  Kudos!


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>From Madhu Menon
Subject: Re: [Theforum] Restructure

>Does anyone have any objections towards reforming evolt.org's volunteers
>into 5 groups (based on the work by Dan and Martin):
>         Finance (handles $)
>         Marketing (ideas for building the evolt.org name, PR, etc)
>         Content (articles, etc -- previously the admin@ list)
>         Development (code and design -- previously thesite@ list)
>         Admin (server admin, list admin, etc -- *not* the same as admin@)

IMO, change "Admin" to "SysAdmin" and you remove the label ambiguity.
+1 to the others.
Does development include CF, JS, IA, *and* visual design?

>Each group shall decide how to elect their two representatives (+1 voting,
>voting application, whatever). Said reps should be encouraged or required
>cycle at a predefined period (6 months)?

"Required" doesn't sound so good. "Encouraged" is better.

>Also, as a general guideline, rights and responsibilities (where
relevant --
>Content, Admin, Development specifically) should be based (as currently) on
>ability and trust/reputation within the community.




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