[Theforum] Where do you want to help?

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Tue May 14 23:48:16 CDT 2002

There were few objections to my Restructure thread, and the suggested
changes have been made (see Restructure (modified)).

Assuming that there are no significant changes in the coming days, we will
move forward with the 5 groups listed on the evolt.org wiki frontdoor:


These names have been prefixed with "Evolt" to make them WikiHappy(tm).

With time, we'll work out the responsibilities of each group, and these will
form the introduction to each page linked:


Please add your name in the wiki format (FirstnameLastname -- note no space)
to those groups within which you would like to volunteer your time. If
appropriate, also provide a very brief description of what you would
specifically be interested in doing.

Also, if you feel confident, please assist in defining the roles of each
group. Some of this work should be brought over from the CaseStudy1/2/3 (can
someone do this?).


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