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Lauri Vain lauri_vain at tharapita.com
Thu May 16 01:39:28 CDT 2002

Hello there,

> > Not for me. I'd much prefer the "MICROPOINT "3000" HARD TOP MOUSE
> > at: http://www.a1imaging.com/hardtoppricing.html
> That'd work too.


The all-cloth ones are no good (they don't hold up to stress... my

The ultra slim ones are not really good for your hands (I used them for
a month or two and then my hands started aching). They're simply too
hard (they have no place to carry on the pressure that is put on them
and compensate it) and the mouse doesn't like those it.

The HARD TOP mousepads are probably the best kind -- they're soft, more
or less, to work on and they don't break so easily. I have used one for
almost a year now and I like it.

My two cents.

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